Hard Facing Types

OTI offers a complete range of Hardfacing to suit all drilling conditions. Extensive research in-house has increased reliability in bonding.

  1. HF 1000

    Crushed tungsten carbide held in a nickel bronze matrix. The 3mm grain size ensures greater concentration of carbide which is ideal for soft formation drilling.

  2. HF 2000

    Trapezoidal tungsten carbide inserts held in a sintered carbide nickel bronze matrix. This will give a greater depth of carbide coverage ideal for high deviation drilling in abrasive formations.

  3. HF 3000

    Tungsten carbide inserts set in a powder spray deposit ideal for abrasive formations. 97% bonding is guaranteed & certified by ultrasonic report. Recommended for use on non-magnetic stabilizers.

  4. HF 4000

    Tungsten carbide inserts (button type). The inserts have been developed to allow cold insertion and maintain close fit. A greater concentration of inserts on the bottom third of the blade and leading edge will increase surface contact to reduce wear in highly abrasive formations.

  5. HF 5000

    This oxy-acetylene process applies tough molten carbide particles of varying sizes held in a nickel chrome matrix which provides excellent bonding properties and greater surface wear characteristics are achieved. Surface hardness levels over 40 HRC Ideal for GEO THERMAL applications over 350°.