Die Collars

OTI’s Die collars are external catch fishing tools that are simple to use and designed to ensure easy retrieval of fish from the hole. They are manufactured from high-grade alloy steel and heat treated to ensure highest strength.

Like OTI’s Taper Taps, the Die Collars are also manufactured with hardened cutting teeth (wickers threads) in either right-hand or left-hand orientations. The wickers can be machined as standard (non-fluted) or with fluted type wickers.

The Die Collars can either be plain or equipped with threads for fitting various types of guides.

OTI’s Die Collars are available in a wide range of sizes & lengths and can be customized as per customer needs.

Ordering Instructions:

When ordering or requesting quotations on Die Collars, please specify:

  1. Type of Die Collar – plain or guided.
  2. Size of the fish to be caught (also specify OD of the fish).
  3. Size and type of Top Pin Connection.
  4. Right or Left-hand wickers.
  5. Type of wickers – fluted or non-fluted.
  6. Smallest and largest Wickers diameter.
  7. Length.
  8. Any special feature (guide etc.)