Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Improve drill string performance with the recommended use of Heavy weight drill pipe

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is the industry standard for an intermediate weight drill stem member and is available in standard, spiraled and non-magnetic designs making it useful in a number of applications. It has drill pipe dimensions for easier handling. Heavy weight drill pipe utilizes a unique centre upset or wear pad to increase tube life, reduce hole drag and differential sticking problems.


Customers of OTI, have the choice of ordering standard (conventional) Heavy Weight Drill Pipes in both integral and welded forms.

All Integral HWDPs are made from modified AISI 4145H chromium molybdenum alloy steel. Integral HWDPs are manufactured from heat treated bars that conform to ASTM A-370 requirements. Mechanical and chemical properties of the steel are recorded in the relevant Mill Test Certificates and these are supplied with all HWDPs. The Mill Test Certificates guarantee a hardness value in the range of 285 to 341 BHN and an IZOD impact value of 40 ft-lbs. at room temperature at one inch below the surface. All the mechanical and chemical properties meet the requirements of API Spec. 7-1 (latest edition).

In the case of Welded HWDPs, the tubes are manufactured from normalized steel of AISI 1340 grade, whereas Tool Joint Material is similar to the AISI 4145H chromium molybdenum alloy steel mentioned above.

Most commonly API Range 2 HWDPs are manufactured at OTI. However, we have the capability to manufacture API Range 3 HWDPs as well, both with the standard features listed here and the special features mentioned below.


  • Extra-length tool joints provide ample space to recut the connections, reduce the wear rate on the OD and extend the service life.
  • In order to extend the service life of connections, API Bore Back Box stress relief feature is standard for all box connections on HWDPs of 4” and larger sizes
  • The entire centre upset protects the tube from OD wear by keeping the tube away from the hole wall, while at the same time reducing the risk of differential sticking.
  • HWDP can be picked up with drill pipe elevators, for fast efficient handling on the rig floor.
  • OTI’s extensive quality assurance program ensures that MPI is conducted on all machined areas. Additionally in the case of welded HWDPs, UT and MPI inspections are also carried out to ensure that the weld area is free of defects.
Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Oil Tools

Note: All dimensions are in inches unless stated otherwise. All weights are approximate


OTI’s Spiralled Heavy Weight Drill Pipes are designed to withstand fatigue failure and is available in both integral and welded configurations.

OTI has two types of Spiralled HWDPs in its repertoire and both of them ensure reduced tube wear.

Additionally the spiralled sections on the wear pad or centre upset drastically reduce chances of differential sticking. The differences in the design of the Spiralled HWDPs are that the lengths of the spiralled centre upsets and the machined tube area differ from each other.

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Oil Tools

Note: All dimensions are in inches unless stated otherwise. * Dimension is in foots. All weights are approximate

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Oil Tools

Note: All dimensions are in inches unless stated otherwise. * Dimension is in foots. All weights are approximate.


Stress Relief Features : It is recommended to have application of API Stress Relief Groove feature on pin and Boreback Relief Feature on box connections for HWDPs of all sizes.

Cold Rolled Thread Roots : Cold rolling of thread roots on all Heavy Weight Drill Pipe connections increases the connection’s ability to resist fatigue cracking.

Hardbanding : To optimize wear resistance, hardbanding is recommended on tool joint connections and the centre upset. Hardbanding applied on the tool joints and centre wear pad / upset will increase abrasive resistance and extended service life. The heavy-duty hardmetal application is a closely controlled welding process applied with an automatic hardbanding machine. While one 4” hardbanding is applied on both the box and pin tool joints, and two 3” bands are applied on the centre upset. The customer also has the option to have 1” band on 18° tapered shoulder of box tool joint (optional). Tungsten carbide, Smooth X, ARMACOR-M, TCS Titanium, Arnco 100XT, 150XT, 200XT and Arnco 300XT Hardbandings are available. Information on OTI’s Hardbanding material can be found on the appropriate data sheet.


When ordering or requesting quotations for Heavy Weight Drill Pipes, please specify the following -

  • Nominal size of the HWDP.
  • Length of HWDP and Tool Joint lengt
  • Whether Integral or Welded type of HWDP.
  • Whether Conventional or Spiralled type of HWDP.
  • If opting for Spiralled Type, whether Type A or Type B.
  • Cast or Pressed Steel Thread Protectors.
  • Special Optional Features as desired – Stress Relief Features, Cold Rolled Threads & Hardbanding Type
Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Oil Tools